Coaching Educators

Project IMPACT’s approach emphasizes the importance of sustained coaching to help educators establish and maintain effective teaching practices for improving outcomes for their students with ESN. On this page, readers will find training modules, coaching forms, and links to conference presentations describing findings from IMPACTs implementation in schools.

Teaching and Coaching Adult Learners Training Modules

Mod 1_Introduction to Adult Learners and Coaching


Mod 2_Developing the Collborative Partnership

Mod 3_Becoming a Culturally Profecient Coach

Mod 4_Practice Based Coaching: Behavior Skills Training

Mod 5_Practice Based Coaching: Practice and Feedback

Mod 6_Collecting and Using CoachingData

Mod 7_Coaching Session (Coming Soon)



Coaching Adult Learners: Instructional Videos

In this series of videos, Project IMPACT staff describe key elements of coaching and provide examples of how these can be used to support educators in improve literacy outcomes for their students with extensive support needs.


Mod 1

Mod 2

Mod 3

Mod 4

Mod 5

Mod 6

Mod 7


Coaching Session Forms

This coaching form can be used when supporting members of the educational team in implementing story-based lessons in special and general education classrooms. The form permits the coach to record the coaching format, instructional arrangement observed, and coaching method/practice implemented. The form provides the coach with targeted areas of support commonly identified during story-based lessons. Finally, the form guides the coach to review previous action steps, identify strengths and areas for growth, provide instruction, and identify both the instructor’s and coaches’ next steps.

Online form to add to Google Drive

Printable PDF Version

 Data Collection Tools for Coaching

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From University of Virginia: COACHeD Capturing Observations and Collaborativly sHaring Educational Data

Story-Based Lesson Educator Fidelity Collection