Project IMPACT Resources

Training Materials

Prior to each phase of the project, the research team trained the participants. Follow the above link to access training material. Materials are organized by the focus areas below.

Adapted literacy tools for special educators and paraprofessionals

Materials in this section were used to meet fidelity with evidence-based practices during literacy instruction primarily in the self-contained setting during Project IMPACT's first phase.

Contents include CTD card, SLP card, Phase 1 Lesson Fidelity, Phase 1 Coaching Form, Student Screener, and samples of the Pre-and Post tests.

Tools for building inclusive literacy programs for students with extensive support needs

Materials in this section were used to assist in co-planning lessons that account for students with significant cognitive disabilities. Tools target literacy instruction in the general education setting during Project IMPACT's second phase. 

Contents include: Unit Overview co-planning tool, topical lesson plan skeletons, Lesson Fidelity sheet, coaching forms, and adapted novels.

Building inclusive literacy programs using peers

Materials in this section were used to assist in training students (or student pairs) in the general education setting to support students with significant cognitive disabilities during literacy lessons. Tools target task analyzing and other forms of structuring complex activities to promote access to all students during literacy activities in the general education setting during Project IMPACT's third phase.

Contents include: Turn and Talk task analysis tool, Lesson Fidelity sheet, and the coaching forms.

Coaching Educators

Improve the capacity of local coaches to implement practice-based coaching strategies and technology in support of educators who serve students with disabilities.

Additional Dissemination Materials

Instructional Videos

The videos in the above link can be used in multiple ways. Each video's content is meant to be a reference of how a skill *could* look. During coaching or training, a video can be shown or referenced to be the model. Videos are not intended to display everything that can happen in a classroom but rather the goal of what ought to be obtained.

Conference Materials

Follow the above link to access presentations and materials used and shared at the listed conferences.

Project IMPACT Publications (Coming soon)

Follow the above link to access a list of publications reporting the results of and lessons learned. Topics include: peer-led lessons, peer to peer support, teacher and paraproffesional fidelity using evidence-based practices, and more!